QuartaDesign is a brazilian graphic design studio developing corporate branding for their customers by creating logos, brochures, websites and various other visual manifestations.

Our difference is to work with both printed and digital materials to ensure visual uniformity of the company. This causes the end user perceives our customers as consistent visual language companies and committed to quality.

We are a small office that focuses on personalized service.

We have partners for support in several areas such as writing, illustration, programming etc.

What we seek

  • Create corporate visual identity systems that reflect the essence, values and client-side transformations and its business.
  • Apply this corporate branding in all graphics and digital parts we created.


Our Goals

  • Continuous search of innovation and new forms of visual expression.
  • Commitment to dialogue, with clear and precise communication.
  • Continuous search of personal and professional development.
  • Commitment to visual and technical quality.
  • Use of intuition with the technical knowledge.